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Hey, what’s a party without party games?

Apart from the magic show, face Glitter tattoos, balloons etc, children love playing all types of games at parties. However all children are different and that’s why, all our games are different!

Experience tells us that most children like to compete against each other, but not all children like to lose, a lot of “traditional” party games only lend themselves to eliminate children from the game and end up with a lot of losers and a couple of winners. Not all children can accept losing and this can end up in tears. Therefore, although winning and losing is a part of life it is not a part of our party games.

With our games there are no winners and no losers, it’s just fun all the way

Games equipment

Juggling balls         Diablo’s     

 Cup & ball      Poi  Pot stilts  

 Hula hoops          Peg stilts

Spinning plates

Above is just some of the equipment that may  be used for the party games. More traditional games like musical statues (my own version that keeps ALL the children in at all times that is), pass the parcel (everyone gets a small prize) sack race, egg and spoon race are other games that are also used.

What ever the name of the game it’s