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Glitter tattoos

Great for adults and children alike.

Steve Nixon the magician only high quality skin grade materials are used to create these amazing glitter tattoos that are quick to apply,These temporary tattoos  can last up to 5 days, can be removed at any time and are won't stain clothing or furniture.

unicorn glitter tattoo by Steve Nixon


 Q:  Is the glitter safe, what are the ingredients?
A: YES, the glitter is safe and does not contain any metals or glass.  It is made of polyester plastic, and it is safe for sensitive skin. 

Q: how many Designs are there?

A: At the moment I have over 100 designs.

Q:  How is a glitter tattoo applied?
A: Glitter tattoos are applied with water-resistant body glue, the glue is painted on the skin through a stencil.

Q: how long do they take to apply?

A: They normally only take about 3-4 minutes.

Q:  How long do Glitter tattoo usually last?
A:  Glitter tattoo generally will last between 3-5 days if taken care of properly.

Q: Can I get my glitter tattoo wet, can I bathe regularly?
A:  YES, a glitter tattoo can get wet!  When washing, wash around the glitter tattoo, let soap and shampoo cascade over the glitter tattoo.  DO NOT RUB glitter tattoo area.  Avoid scrubbing while bathing and always pat design dry when exposed to water.  It also depends on where it is positioned on the body if applied where clothing may rub on the tattoo this will limit the life span.

Q:  How do I remove my glitter tattoo?
A:  Glitter tattoos are easily removable with 70% isopropyl alcohol, or baby oil.

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